DELTA DP300L 12-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press

Product Description

Precision drilling has never been so convenient or easy before. The DELTA DP300L 12-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press is a powerful tool that makes working on a variety of materials a breeze owing to its five speed setting, ranging from 620 rpm to 3100 rpm. Raising and lowering the rack-and-pinion table to a desired height is extremely easy and with the help of the adjustable-position locking system, you can set the appropriate angle for repetitive drilling.

If you are dead keen on precision, the bright laser crosshairs ensure drilling accuracy every single time. Other features of the DELTA DP300L drill press are a flexible lamp for your workspace and the 11-inch table to keep your tools when they are not being used.

Technical Details

  • 11 inch, durable, textured plastic tray for your tools; can be swung out of the way when not in use
  • Table tilts to accommodate angular drilling; sides slots and ledges for fast clamping work
  • Smooth performing, long lasting industrial induction motor
  • Fully adjustable twin laser pod for bright laser crosshairs that allows accurate and precise drilling each time
  • Flexible lamp to light up the work surface
  • Five speeds for drilling a variety of plastics, metals, and woods
  • Pivoting motor mount to provide correct belt tension; 3-spoke pilot wheel for operator convenience and quick speed change
  • Repetitive drilling and accurate depth measurement guaranteed by adjustable-position and locking depth stop

DELTA DP300L review

The DELTA DP300L 12-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press is a nice and sturdy piece of equipment that has found favor with several woodworkers. When you compare its features and quality to the other drill presses in the same range available in the market, you’ll find the DELTA DP300L drill press to be the best in breed.

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First time users have found this tool to be extremely easy to work with and they had no trouble assembling it since the instructions were straightforward and clear. A few did struggle with the alignment of the laser, but it was a minor hiccup and it was sorted out soon enough.

Other users commented on the smooth operation of the drill, but there was an issue of a grinding sound from the gear box. Although it did not affect the performance of the drill press, it did become a distraction. There were also some complaints regarding the depth stop which was found to be difficult to set and cheap. But nearly everybody was extremely impressed with the solid metal drill base and table, the strong motor, the accuracy of the drill, and the easily adjustable speed.

Towards the end, it can be safely said that in spite of a few minor complaints, the users reacted favorably to the DELTA DP300L 12-Inch TwinLaser Crosshair Drill Press. Almost everyone had got a lot of use out of it and they wouldn’t mind recommending this drill press to fellow woodworkers.

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